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Sing Together
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Music and Movement Classes for Children Ages 0-8
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Children 0–6 years old
JULY  30 – AUG 22

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Children ages 4-8
JULY 31 – Aug 14

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Bring Music Together to your school community!
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Elevate Music Together

Bonding and Growth for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Parents

Elevate Music Together® fosters the growth of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and the adults who adore them as they engage in joyful musical activities. These young participants delight in singing and dancing during the sessions, while caregivers relish their role in nurturing their children’s development as confident music enthusiasts.

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Discover. Develop. Mature.

Your Child's Journey Through Music Together

With 12 Family Class Song Collections, 8 Rhythm Kids Collections, and 3 Music Together In Schools Collections, Music Together grows with your child from age 0-8. Our developmentally appropriate spiral curriculum allows children to begin their musical journey at any age or stage.

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Moment Captured

Music Benefits

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How is Music Processed in Your Child’s Brain?

During the first three years of life, our brains grow at an extraordinary rate: With every new experience, brain cells link to others, and babies’ brains form about 700 new connections per second just in the first year!⁠

Music Activates

8 areas of the brain are activated at the same time when we sing, bounce, dance and play with music.

Music Enhances

Music improves cognition by stimulating multiple senses and neural networks.

Language Development

Singing engages areas of the brain essential to the processing and productions of language.

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Parent Testimonials

Check out our great reviews! See for yourself how much people love us and jump for joy. Head to our reviews page now!

Based on 10 reviews
Panatda Catlin
Panatda Catlin
I am thrilled with the music class that my 11-month-old son Mason is currently attending! The teacher is fantastic and engages the children with fun songs and interactive activities. Mason has already shown a lot of growth in his musical skills, and he's become more confident in his abilities. Not only that, but the class also provides a great opportunity for socialization, which is so important for young children's development. I've noticed that Mason is becoming more comfortable around other kids and adults, which is a huge bonus! Overall, I highly recommend this music class to any parents looking for a fun and educational activity for their little ones. Thank you for offering such a great program!
Kirstin Bird
Kirstin Bird
We have participated in music together classes with all 3 of our children. I find it to be beneficial on multiple levels. I’ve seen my children develop music and social skills, as well as their confidence. I also have enjoyed building relationships with their teachers, and other parents in the classes. Everyone is very welcoming, which creates a safe space for kids to grow and develop.
Elevate Music Together classes are an intentional, yet creative & flexible way to continue fostering a love of music for your family & will help your child(ren)s overall development, both nature & nurture, so much. My family has been a part of this program for 6 years now, first with our older son beginning at 7 months of age, & then again with our second starting around the same time of his life. Our younger son LOVES it as much as our older son did but in different ways & it is a joy for me as a mother to get to be a part of that & give this to him. Getting to watch him absolutely take to the class, the music, the people-- his budding awareness & love of being involved with the class & music is so much fun! The teachers are AMAZING. Their pacing of a 45 min class is seamless. They offer opportunities to include songs that are special at home in class. Their interaction & connection with my sons is so special. It may be because I'm so seasoned now, but here in our 6th year being a part of the program, I have found myself enjoying singing along & doing the things with my child more than ever. I want everyone involved in this program to know how grateful I am for the gifts you have & share through your classes. I just love everything you all offer-- the experience itself, the teachers, the communication & kindness that is always always given. I will sing your praises again & again!
Brianna Edin
Brianna Edin
My son and I have been going to Music Together since he was 3 months old. He is now 18 months and loving it more than ever. I love that the songs change each quarter, it never feels stale or like we are just repeating the same class over again. The teachers are fantastic at creating an encouraging environment for both students and parents. I am not musically inclined but have gotten more comfortable singing from taking my son to class :).
Dannielle Larson
Dannielle Larson
My family has participated in Miss Ashley’s music classes for 3 years now and have loved it! My oldest always delights in hearing the new songs and acting them out. My one and a half year old has already started requesting songs from class. It is such a wonderful family program.
Cyndal E
Cyndal E
Elevate Music is a very special program that really does help children get comfortable and excited about music. We've been attending now for 4 quarters and plan to continue. Our daughter loves the connections she makes, the instruments, and especially the music!
Kaity Stephens
Kaity Stephens
My 2 year old son LOVES his music class! It has brought him out of his shell and has given him a new love of singing and dancing all day, every day. We stayed on the same day and time each class we signed up for and it was so fun to see the same kids grow, and even their families grow! It has been such a blessing to our family to have something we can either go to as a family, or a special thing to go to with just one kid and parent. I also love that grandmas/grandpas can come too! The only downfall to us as a family is the cost, but I think my husband and I both feel like the reward to our kids outweighs that downfall.
Trisha Radford
Trisha Radford
I have done two summer semesters of Music Together with my 2 year old daughter and we have both loved it! Such a fun bonding experience and it has amazed me to see how much my daughter has learned by watching and interacting at the classes!
Taylor Pioli
Taylor Pioli
Our experience with Music Together has enriched our lives. We've witnessed outstanding growth in both of our children due to this program. Even good ol Dad likes to come along and sing and dance.
Natalia Heiser
Natalia Heiser
This class is different than any other class I've done with my child. It really encourages bonding as well as learning and fun. My child loves going and she loves Ms Ashley. The music is refreshing in the sense that it doesn't sound like your typical children's music which makes it easy to listen to in the car or at home. Check it out for yourself! They have free trial classes!
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Learn instruments and singing skills while improving language, cognitive, and social skills. Bond and make memories with your child while making new friends.

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Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison completed Bachelor’s degrees in Vocal Music Performance and Education in 2003, and 2004 respectively. She is an accredited Montessori teacher and a licensed Music Together teacher. Her teaching career has taken her from her native Canada to England, to Southern California, and now Washington State. She has taught children ranging from kindergarten through high school, and her choirs have consistently won awards for both musicality and spirit.

Ms. Sarah discovered Music Together in 2012. She was drawn in by the beautiful repertoire, the research based pedagogy and the pure joy it brought to her and her children.

Beyond music, Ms. Sarah is an avid hiker and runner, having completed seven marathons, and many more half-marathon, 10K and 5K races. She loves to bake and decorate cakes. Sarah also keeps busy as a mother of three young children: twin daughters, Noelle and Ainsley, and a son, Declan. Sarah has been married to husband Neal for 15 years and they love to dream about traveling!

Cassie Fox

Teacher Cassie is excited to return to teach at Elevate Music Together! A certified Music Together® teacher, Cassie previously taught with Elevate in 2017 and 2018.

They play a variety of instruments, including saxophone, guitar, and piano, and love exploring new sounds and music.

Teacher Cassie has 15 years of experience working with youth of all ages in libraries, preschools, and various community spaces. They have degrees in music and music therapy. Cassie is passionate about supporting musical play, creativity, and exploration with kids and their families!

Cassie is a transplant from Missouri and now lives in Marysville with their two partners and two furbabies.

Jessica Mohr

Jessica Mohr loves seeing the growth and development that comes with experiencing music from a young age. She is a local artist and loves all forms of art, including music. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Western Washington University.

Jessica was an Elevate Music Together mom who loved the program so much that she wanted to stick around after her son graduated. Now a certified Music Together® teacher, she is passionate about creating a supportive community environment within her classes—for the kids and their adults!

Jessica was born and raised in the PNW and currently lives in Lake Stevens with her husband and son.

Farley Woodbury

Farley Woodbury fell in love with Music Together in 2012 while taking classes with her oldest daughter. As a veteran “full cycle” Music Together mom she has experienced the amazing benefits this program has to offer while watching her own children grow from it. She is absolutely thrilled to be sharing her love for Music Together as a teacher. Farley’s background is in fitness, hospitality, and landscaping.

Farley believes music is a foundation of learning. Now a certified Music Together® teacher, she is excited to create a musical community within her classes and inspire families to make music at home and bring back music-making in our culture. Farley loves to garden on her farm in Snohomish where she lives with her husband and 2 daughters. With music as a passion in her life, she is also an aspiring guitar and ukulele player.